We are pleased to announce that WOHIN WIR GEHEN by Dascha Petuchow will participate in the Full Circle LAB 2024. The participants were announced during the Cannes Film Festival. Dascha Petuchow and Julian Gerchow will participate in the international script development program.

We are honored that our project HARDSUB gets the opportunity to participate in the TorinoFilmLab. Director Novruz Hikmet and our producer Julian Gerchow will participate in the Feature Lab 2024.

Klopf, Klopf
We are delighted that KLOPF, KLOPF will be screened at the 34th Emden-Norderney International Film Festival. Many thanks to our entire team and all our supporters, especially Hessen Film & Medien and KulturMut.

Oro Amargo
We also have news about our international co-production ORO AMARGO, for which we have found our world sales agent in Patra Spanou Film. We look forward to our future collaboration.

We are delighted to welcome Theresa Kramer as our new intern.
The communication design student from the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences will be actively supporting us for the next six months. This internship is sponsored by STEP Hessen Film&Medien.

Dascha will participate as a producer in this year’s East-West Talent Lab as part of the goEast – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film in mid-April.
15 talents from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe have been invited with their documentary film projects and will meet producers from Germany, France, Poland and Georgia.

Great news for Dascha Petuchow: her feature film project “Wohin wir gehen” (WT), which was already supported by the STEP author scholarship last year, has received funding for script development from Hessen Film & Medien.

Visitors from Chile and Uruguay! Director Juan Oleo, producer Francisco Hervé and sound designer Daniel Yafalian travelled to Frankfurt for the sound mixing of the coming-of-age western “Oro Amargo” ( former: “La Hija del Pacifico”). They spent two weeks in the sound studio of the Frankfurt company FunDeMental and were able to bring the cinema mix to a successful conclusion.

Julian Gerchow was able to present his debut film DER TRICKBETRÜGER (AT) at the Marktplatz Drehbuch as part of the Max Ophüls Film Preis 2024. Thanks to Hessen Film & Medien, MFG Filmförderung, Saarlandmedien and the Kuratorium junger deutscher Film for the organisation and hosting. The script is in its 2nd version and is funded by Hessen Film & Medien.

We are very happy to announce that HARDSUB by Novruz Hikmet has received funding from the European Solidarity Fund for Ukrainian Films! The debut film is an international co-production between Germany (plotlessfilm), Ukraine ( CUC ) and Poland ( Gogol Film ).

The screenplay is written by Novruz Hikmet and Olena Podolianko, who also worked together on the internationally acclaimed short film It is Quiet Here. Hessen Film & Medien supported the development of the script in 2023 as part of the Talent Paket.

We congratulate Dascha Petuchow on being selected for the T-Port Lighthouse Selection 2023 with her project KAUGUMMI.

The selection was made by guest curators Laurence Boyce (PÖFF, Short Film Conference) and Maike Mia Höhne (Berlinale, Hamburg Short Film Festival). Chewing Gum will also be screened at the Talent Short Film Market in Torino. Dascha also won the German Newcomer Award at the Up and Coming Film Festival in Hanover with KAUGUMMI. We are very happy for her!

IT IS QUIETE HERE. by Novruz Hikmet and Olena Podolianko was shown at the 17th Short Film Festival Cologne.

The short film KLOPF, KLOPF by Julian Gerchow was completed at the beginning of November 2023 and is now in the festival evaluation.

Der Trickbetrüger (AT) by Julian Gerchow will be presented at the Marketplace Screenplay 2024 as part of the Max Ophüls Film Award.

We are pleased to announce that LA HIJA DEL PACÍFICO was recently selected in the Work in Progress section at both the European Work in Progress in Cologne and the Venice Biennale Market. The film is currently in post-production and has been presented to industry representatives at these events.

We are also delighted for Dascha Petuchow, whose short film KAUGUMMI celebrated its world premiere at the #46 LUCAS – International Festival for Young Film Fans in Frankfurt on 8 October.

And we are also staying in Frankfurt, with a strong presence at the B3 Festival of the Moving Image: Novruz Hikmet was there with HARD SUB and Dascha Petuchow with WOHIN WIR GEHEN at HessenLab 2023.

La Hija del Pacifico is finished shooting!

We are happy to announce that the shooting of La Hija del Pacifico by Juan Olea and Cristobal Zapata has been successfully completed! The post-production is underway and will come to us in Frankfurt in November 2023 for sound mixing and color grading.

Klopf, Klopf is finished filming!

We are happy to announce that the shooting of Klopf, Klopf by Julian Gerchow has been successfully completed!

Now we turn to post-production and would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to our crew and cast, as well as to everyone who participated and got involved in the project. We would also like to say a big thank you to all the extras and small actors who helped make the filming such a wonderful experience.

We would also like to make a special mention of Hessen Film & Medien, KulturMut and of course our supporters on Startnext, without whose support this project would not have been possible!

Talent-Package Hessen Film & Medien

The acceptance of Hessen Film und Medien for the Talent-Package funding is a true milestone for us as a young production company.

The funding will allow us to take on new projects and expand plotlessfilm. We are very happy and grateful for the opportunities that will arise from the funding!

The projects HARD SUB (AT), DER TRICKBETRÜGER (AT) and MAKE KIN NOT BABIES (AT) were funded.

Klopf, Klopf Production funding!

We are very happy to announce that our short film project KLOPF, KLOPF is funded by Hessen Film und Medien.

The fictional short film KLOPF, KLOPF accompanies the ambitious trickster apprentice Huey during his last exam. Disguised as an employee of an Internet service provider, he must try to single-handedly steal valuables from a mansion. This is to prove to his mentor Jennifer that he has what it takes to be one of them. Inside, he encounters the birthday party of an aristocratic family and has to realize that no training in the world can prepare him for it.

We are currently in the midst of pre-production and have our hands full, because filming will take place between March 27 and April 01. 2023.

Our short film KAUGUMMI is now in distribution. We will keep you informed about the world premiere and all other festivals here, and on our social media platforms! Furthermore, we have submitted Kaugummi to the German Film and Media Rating (FBW) and received the rating ” highly valuable”. There is already a press release there. As soon as the jury statement is uploaded, we will let you know.

Of course, we have also initiated a number of submissions in the fall. We’ll let you know exactly which ones after the jury meetings. But what we can already reveal, and what we are equally proud of, is this: Dascha has received the author scholarship of the STEP program of HessenFilm und Medien and will now write her debut film WOHIN WIR GEHEN (AT) in the coming months!

We are happy to announce that the docufiction, a German-Ukrainian co-production by Olena Podolianko & Novruz Hikmet, ITS QUIET HERE. had its world premiere on 17.08.22 at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Congratulations also to our partners in Ukraine: Packgauz Production and CUC. We are very happy and would like to thank again HessenFilm und Medien for their support, which among others made this project possible. Furthermore, the docufiction was screened at the Odesa Film Festival and took home the award for “The Best Short film” at the Batumi International Art House Film Festival. In addition, the Molodist Kyiv Film Festival presented its national competition of Ukrainian short and feature-length films at Filmfest Hamburg, including IT IS QUIET HERE.

From Oct. 27-10, the docufiction will be screened at Filmski Fronk Festival, The Shortfilmfestival and on Nov. 11 at Baku Short Fest.

We would like to welcome Roya Ghanavati to our team, who will be working with us as a student trainee for at least the next six months.

At the end of June we were able to shoot the short feature film OMATE by Maximilian Hasenstab. With our film team we realized the exciting graduation film in a small village in the Spessart at the Bavarian-Hessian border for some shooting days. Currently the project is in post-production.

We did it! The first official funding from Hessenfilm und Medien with plotlessfilm.

The project “La Hija del Pacifico” is an international co-production with Chile and Uruguay. Together with Juntos Films (Chile) and Tarkiofilm (Uruguay) the film will be shot in Chile and the post-production will be completed in Hessen. The exciting western and coming of age mix is a great synergy of genre and arthouse, written by Augustin Toscan, Pancho Hervé and Moisés Sepúlveda and directed by Juan Francisco Olea and Chrisóbal Zapata.

Not only “La Hija del Pacifico” was supported by HessenFilm this submission, but also the feature film Schöne Seelen by our new colleague Tom Schreiber, who joined plotlessfilm on February 1st.

Schöne Seelen with August Diehl and Josef Hader is produced by Sutor Kolonko from Cologne and the Hessian part is accompanied by us on location.